Component3D team gathers specialists having long term experience in design, production and project management of advanced process equipment. 
A variety of 3D CAD  software used by skilled operators allows to offer efficient innovative and reliable solutions designed to fit individual requirements.

CONSULTING General concepts and preliminary drawings│Detailed workshop documentation│Production monitoring and quality inspections│ Foreign site commissioning.

PRODUCTION Liquid/gas preliminary separating devices such as cyclones or vanepacks │ Gas flow distributing devices: schoepentoeter, flow deflectors, calming baffles - CFD analyzed, guaranteed efficiency.

WORKSHOP CAPABILITIES  In competitive conditions we supply the equipment mentioned above based on various manufacturers/subsuppliers. It allows to deliver products meeting varies requirements ex.: PED, Ustamp, Iso9001, Welding Codes.

DESIGN SOFTWARE Specialists working for us are skilled in using advanced software appropriate for varies types of design and analysis. We are offering the 2D drawings, 3D models,  reports and other documents in neutral formats  compatible with various systems: dwg (2D drawings), sat (3D models), xls, doc,  pdf and other